Job Consultancy in Bhubaneswar

Job Consultancy in Bhubaneswar also provide value-added services such as resume building, interview preparation, and salary negotiation to help candidates secure their dream job.

Placement Consultancy in Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar, the capital of Odisha, is a hub for various industries and businesses too. As the city continues to grow and develop, the demand for skilled as well as qualified professionals also increases. This has led to a rise in placement recruitment agencies in Bhubaneswar. that help companies and organizations find the right talent for their open positions.

Placement agencies in Bhubaneswar specialize in recruiting candidates. For various industries such as IT, engineering, finance, marketing too. They have a team of experienced recruiters who have a deep understanding of the job market. As well as the skills required for different roles. They also have a large database of resumes of candidates with different qualifications and experience levels too.

Job Consultancy in bhubaneswar

Manpower Consultancy In Bhubaneswar

Are you also needy for job? Are you facing the same problem which was faced by many of young talent. that they didn’t get their desirable job after having the perfect skills too! The solution to your problem can be solved once and for all at the best Placement Consultant in Bhubaneswar. Firstly we have successfully filled jobs  not only in just Bhubaneswar but also in Kolkata as well as Siliguri too. In General Management/ Top Management, (MD/ CEO/ COO/ Directors/ President/ Vice President). Accounting/ Finance/ Commercial, Human Resource, General Administration, Sales and Marketing, Business Development. Export and Import Professional, Supply Chain, management as well as Engineers -Mechanical, Electrical & Civil. Mining Industry Professionals, Education Industry Professionals and many more too! We have helped more than 5000+ freshers & experienced candidate to get their dream job. That’s why we are the most loved and best Job Consultancy in Bhubaneswar.

Manpower Consultant in Bhubaneswar

Manpower consultant in Bhubaneswar is one of our key competency services. In other words we are a well-known recruitment agency and serve the manpower needs of diversified client companies in Odisha, Kolkata and in Siliguri. Our team provide best possible Manpower Services like industrial labor and security services. And became the top Manpower consultant in Bhubaneswar. We offer industrial manpower supply for various technical specifications for professional services. We maintain a good customer relationship through interaction and give the customers our best services. Our services are extremely reliable and extensively acknowledged by the client for their proper management and perfect execution.

Placement Consultant In Bhubaneswar

Most of the young talented freshers as well as experienced candidates are facing very difficulty to finding a good job which is preferable to them. So “One Zone HR” helps all the candidates to be placed at the perfect place as per their eligibility. Many candidates gave us the tag to become the best Placement Consultant in Bhubaneswar. Be it a Start-up company looking for Fresher or a Big Manufacturing Industry, planning to recruit department heads. We at “One Zone HR” will take care of all your manpower requirements and will source the right candidates for your vacancy. We understand that every candidate you hire is the vital part for the growth of your company. And we do not compromise on quality too. Our HR Consultant in Bhubaneswar will first screening and filter the best candidates, after this you’ll get the perfect match for yours.

“ONE ZONE HR” is one of the growing & best HR Consultant in Bhubaneswar, providing the right candidate to corporate, pvt ltd company etc. As well providing job to the candidate as per their eligibility.

We are committed to building professional management teams for clients competing in global markets. Our search firm is a generalist firm, which means that our searches are not limited to any one specific industry or employment function. We do, however, specialize in recruiting middle – senior-level, multi-cultural and multi-lingual professionals from the following areas:

  • General Management/ Top Management (MD/ CEO/ COO/ Directors/ President/ Vice President)
  • Accounting/ Finance/ Commercial
  • Mining
  • Human Resources
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Chemical Process Industries


By providing best service to the candidates as well as company we became the best Job Consultancy in Bhubaneswar. Both businesses and employees in Bhubaneswar are optimistic about the job market. This tendency is evident in Bhubaneswar’s constant recruiting activity, with demand coming from industries such as Steel, Power (Thermal/Hydro/Renewable), Cement, Infrastructure, FMCG, Engineering, Mining as well as Real Estate, Hospitality, Logistic and Education, are all in high demand. Our recruiters are always on hand to provide quality recruitment services to professionals looking for the next step in their careers and companies looking to hire new talent. This is because the reason of being the top HR Consultant in Bhubaneswar.

At One Zone HR, our partners from across the globe provide us with special opportunities by sharing openings. As well as candidates which enables us to perform an extensive set of services as the leading Job Consultancy in Bhubaneswar. This gives us a variety of additional resources to choose from and provide the most accurate selection of potential candidates for our clients.